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Introduction to Electronics with Arduino (DS Commons, 1:00-2:30pm)

Introduction to Electronics with Arduino

Are you a UVic student or Staff member and want to learn more about electronics? If so, then this hands-on workshop will give you an introduction to Arduino, which is an inexpensive and powerful electronic toolkit. Once you’ve completed this session you’ll be able to wire up basic electronic projects using Arduino and a breadboard. Projects that can do things like: 1. sense heat and illuminate LCD lights (Love-O-Meter), 2. sense motion and randomly display advice on an LCD screen (Lucky 8-Ball), and 3. create spooky noises based on the amount of light reaching a light sensor.  No programming is required for this workshop, but you will get a sense for the types of problems that Arduino devices can help you solve.

Before attending the orientation, please go to the following webpage and watch two short instructional videos, download and install the Arduino software on your Mac or Windows laptop. Also please take the pre-workshop quiz so that you can determine how prepared you are for the hands-on exercises during the workshop (this will take less than 15 minutes): Click Here

Note: If you register using this online form your personal information will be retained by Eventbrite, a private company located outside of Canada. If you’d like to register for this class but keep your personal data within Canada, please email us and let us know the date and time of the session you would like to attend: dscommons@uvic.ca


Monday, March 19, 2018
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Mearns Centre for Learning
  DS Commons Workshop     For Grads     For Students  

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